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1. What do I get when I purchase a service?  What is the review process like?

The first step is to contact Think Likely Resume Service and send your resume and projected job search timeline.  When we've worked through your resume, we will arrange a meeting via Facetime, phone, or other method.  During this meeting we will discuss a few major points:

  • Feedback on our first impressions of your original resume, which will  also be provided to you by email for your records. 

  • Discussion about the critical features of a resume for industry jobs and an introduction to the modern resume format. 

  • Review of your revised resume with clear guidelines on any additional information that would improve your document

Following this initial discussion, we can communicate by email (or by other means) to complete your new resume. 

2. How do you know what my resume should look like?

With over 10 years of experience in pharmaceutical R&D interviewing and hiring, we are confident in our ability to identify and translate skills acquired during your graduate school career that will directly assist you in any position in industry.

3. Is there a guarantee of employment?

There are a number of factors that are taken into consideration throughout the job search and hiring process.  These can include constraints in both what you are looking for and what the employer is looking for.  For example, limiting factors on your end could include the type of job you are looking for, your location of interest, as well as your salary requirements and start date.  Other variables include the state of the job market and the composition of the talent pool.


Submitting your resume and getting an interview are just the first parts of the hiring process.  Securing the job comes down to your competition, the preferences of the hiring manager, and your performance during your interview.

4. Do you provide refunds?

All sales are final, but we are dedicated to working with you until you are completely satisfied.


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